Robin Taxman, Founder of MJ Kid’s Yoga

My journey has always led me to connect with children.  With a BS in Special Education and Masters degrees in Curriculum and Instruction and School Leadership, I taught Special Education for 12 years until becoming the mother of 2 beautiful girls and 2 courageous step sons.  I became enlightened by the practice of yoga while searching for a healthy alternative to “working out”.  20 years later I have learned how to blend my studies in yoga, my Special Education teaching experiences and my motherly aspirations to bring a loving and engaging yoga experience to ALL children.  With Mr. Rogers as my Spirit Animal, I am able to connect with what’s relevant for children and provide them with tools necessary to navigate their ever-changing worlds.  Yoga provides children with a safe and powerful outlet to let their lights shine brightest and I am so grateful to be their guide! Being able to provide some stability, physical activity and joy in the lives of children during these changing times has deepened my connection with yoga and the life-long, stress reducing strategies cultivated through breathe with yogis of every age. I invite you to join me on this journey of yogic exploration through the eyes of children!

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