Lauren Stein

My entire family has loved learning yoga with Miss Robin! We began when my middle daughter was 18 months old to try a new Mommy and Me class. I never could have imagined the impact this class would have. My young toddler learned to calm herself and practice yoga breathing, even at this age. She also loved Miss Robin’s methods of linking yoga to her favorite stuffed animals. Eventually, my children were all introduced to Miss Robin, and as they continue to grow, they love her more and more. My two-year-old daughter loves the yoga songs and exercises linked to the music, my four-year-old daughter loves balancing and trying new poses, and my six-year-old son loves trying the more advanced poses for older kids. All of my children have benefited from learning to calm themselves through their breathing, and I see them practice this constantly at home. Miss Robin has a unique way of captivating our children’s attention and even adapts to teach a variety of ages within a single class. She is a true gem and my kids are lucky to learn from her!