Ms. Robin

Movement Junkies is proud to have Ms. Robin running our Yoga Program!

My journey has always led me to connect with children.  With a BS in Special Education and Masters degrees in Curriculum and Instruction and School Leadership, I taught Special Education for 12 years until becoming the mother of 2 beautiful girls and 2 courageous step sons.  I became enlightened by the practice of yoga while searching for a healthy alternative to “working out”.  20 years later I have learned how to blend my studies in yoga, my Special Education teaching experiences and my motherly aspirations to bring a loving and engaging yoga experience to ALL children.  With Mr. Rogers as my Spirit Animal, I am able to connect with what’s relevant for children and provide them with tools necessary to navigate their ever-changing worlds.  Yoga provides children with a safe and powerful outlet to let their lights shine brightest and I am so grateful to be their guide! 

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